– Read Ramayana  Ch 1, 16,17,31,33, 34,35,36 http://holybooks.lichtenbergpress.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/Ramayana.pdf?0603ce

– Read attachment ‘Hinduism in The Ramayan’

– Watch a video about Dharma

– Rama is a particularly Hindu hero, especially in his adherence to dharma. Write two to three well developed paragraphs in which you explain what dharma is in your own words, analyze how The Ramayana ch 1, 16,17,31,33, 34,35,36 show how dharma is important to Rama. Also discuss how his focus on Dharma does or doesn’t help him be heroic and an engaging character. Use the “Hinduism in The Ramayana” handout  and the Dharma video to help you understand what dharma is.  You must use evidence from The Ramayana ch 1, 16,17,31,33, 34,35,36, including at least one direct quote, to support your analysis.


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