select 1 article about a company then talk about this company’s current on the issues, updates, and changes and how it impacts companies both internally and externally, specifically from an operations perspective. Being an informed citizen and discussing current events will give one a better perspective on different points of view and encourage healthy and challenging discussions.

Article Selection:
Article must be 1) current, 2) relevant to Operations Strategy 3) from trustworthy source
Selected article and supporting material turned into instructor.
Include a link or PDF of the article/publication/blog post/etc…
Include 3 pre-planned questions that are designed to stimulate discussion.
Questions will be graded on specificity and ability to promote discussion.
Questions that are too general, allow for a single fact answer or a yes/no response will be graded poorly
Article is succinctly summarized; highlight 3-4 key points that are relevant to the topic for the week or another aspect of Operations Strategy. Do this in your own words.
If necessary, company history is briefly summarized
Identify successes and failures from an operations perspective. If it is not obvious, ensure your reasoning/ assumptions are documented.
Explanation of why you chose the article.


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