3) Watch Research Video (Lareau, Desmond or Hochschild):  In lieu of meeting for the rest of class, please watch one of the following videos about various research projects.  For the chosen video, please write or type an answer and bring to class:
Lareau: https://youtu.be/2xq_iCMgP2Q
Desmond: https://youtu.be/24M9wUaCEKo
Hochschild: https://youtu.be/RywaAeWbXjo

– Describe the research project undertaken by this scholar.  What was the general topic?

– What do you think the research questions were?  Please write 2-3 research questions that the scholar was attempting to answer.

4) Bring 1-2 potential research topics in child and adolescent to our next class meeting.  If possible, take a photo of something that will help you to share/describe what your topic is.  We will work in pairs during the next class to discuss/brainstorm your research topics.


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