White Supremacists in North America

What is the history of White Supremacy in North America?

What are the basic underlying principals around which White Supremacists are united?

What are some of the incidents in the news about White Supremacists?

Investigate North American White Supremacists to answer the three questions above.  Give the topic you are researching in a heading. Separate your report into three parts; one for each of the questions.  State the question you are answering at the beginning of each part. You are expected to describe and explain the answers using as many different types of valid and authoritative sources as possible.


Your grade for the research reports will be based on:

Use of various valid and authoritative sources of information
Completeness of the answer to all three of the questions
Correct citations of sources using APA format

Reminders from the syllabus:

Your research reports are expected to be from three to five pages in length.
You are expected to have 5 or more different sources of information for each report. You must have some primary sources other than .com ( i.e.: .gov, .net, .org, .edu, etc.).  Do not use encyclopedias and not Wikipedia.
You must cite all sources in APA format.
Create the report in a word processing format, edit it, then cut and paste it into the space provided (You will have a copy in case of loss).
No Attachments!
Do not include opinions. Do not use personal pronouns.  Avoid essay style and focus on report writing.  Support all assertions with data and evidence.
Check the syllabus or the calendar for the dates the research reports are due.


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