In Week 2, you selected a health behavior issue that you would like to improve and set out your long and short term goals.
By the end of Week 4, you devised a plan to accomplish your goals.
Now, it is time to assess your progress and make any necessary changes to your plan.
The section of your paper is worth 100 points or 25% of your entire final paper grade or 5% of your overall course grade.
Please do the following by the end of Week 12:

Short, Overall Summary of Progress records for weeks 3 through 11       

Post a short/concise summary of your overall progress from the term
Include your Chosen Health Behavior Modification
2.  Journal Summaries                                                                                                                 

Include an Overall summary of your journal
Provide an Overall Summary from (Weeks 5 through 11) that sets out your progress.
Include Short/Long term goals, Action Steps, etc.
3. Assess your progress                                                                                       

Be Flexible in your approach to your Health Behavior change.
A strategy that works for a while might not work as well after a month or two.
Prepare a reevaluation of your goals and your progress.


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