Group Contract
The first step in this process is to develop a Group Contract that everyone agrees to and signs. This means you will need to begin meeting right away.  The Contract should include:

·        Group Acknowledgements – a statement acknowledging that everyone in the group comes to the table with a different background and experience, and how this process can make one feel vulnerable.  That sharing language, writing, and beliefs can make one feel judged, and can even lead to microaggressions.  These concerns should be taken into account during the process and how to handle this should be addressed in the Group Agreements.

·        Group Agreements – similar to the agreements that we made in class during the first session, each group should come up with agreed upon assumptions and behaviors that will guide you through this process.  Assumptions can be things like: everyone comes to the project with good intentions; there is value added in hearing from everyone.  Behaviors can be things like: we will listen to one another; we will respect everyone’s contributions; we will play to everyone’s strengths.


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