Please answer four (4) of the following eight (8) questions, limiting your response to 100-150 words for each. Be concise, yet thorough, using examples where appropriate. Due Sunday before midnight.

1.  Briefly discuss the effectiveness of probation as compared to other sentences (i.e. incarceration):

2.  In your opinion, should offenders be required to make restitution to their victim(s)?

3.  Should offenders be fined on the basis of the seriousness of the offense or on their ability to pay?

4.  Briefly discuss the concept of restorative justice:

5.  What are the primary advantages of intermediate sanctions?

6.  Briefly discuss the legal rights of probationers:

7.  Should women be allowed to work as guards in male prisons?

8. Should men be allowed to work as guards in female prisons?


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