This season, I am asking you to write 3 short, reflective essays. Each essay need only be 1-2 pages long and they are not supposed to be formal (check out the associated rubric for more info).

Please pick 1 question to answer from the Holy Grail list and 1 question from the Gigantomachia List, and 1 question from list of general Autumn questions.

Marital/Martial Conflict    The “Who Am I?” Crisis    General Winter Questions/Prompts
1) Describe a time when you had to choose between two things you loved or two values you cared about.  How did you make your choice and how does it compare to the choices made by the characters in our readings and videos?

1) In these medieval or medievalist texts, the “Who Am I?” crisis is often experienced with a temporary loss of one’s senses. How do real life moments that make you question everything compare with these fictional depictions?

1) What have you learned about yourself by following your character this season?

) What did you find interesting, important, strange or troubling about the Marital/Martial conflicts you explored?    2) What did you find interesting, important, strange or troubling in the readings and videos from the “Who Am I?” Crisis section of our course?   
2) What was the most interesting, important, strange or troubling aspect of this season?

3) How do you plan to resolve your hero’s (your character’s) marital/martial conflict? Are you borrowing any ideas from examples you read or watched?    
3) What have you or your character learned from experiencing a “Who Am I?” crisis?  Is it similar to what any of the fictional characters experience?

Bonus Question:

Can you think of a resource you wish I would use in this course or that you think would help explain a key concept: a book? a story? a game? a video? a technology? an article?


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