Various articles this week have posited that gender is a cultural construction. This week’s discussion will be divided into three parts. First, in one paragraph need to state your agreement or disagreement with gender as a cultural construction different than biological sex. In the following paragraph you should describe how gender is or isn’t constructed or performed. This paragraph must be supported using two readings. In the next paragraph you need to describe how masculine norms are upheld through the ideal of science. You must also use two readings for this paragraph. You need to cite the readings according to your discipline including the last name of the author and page number of the edited volume we are reading. For example, (Counihan, 183). Finish with a short concluding statement.

In summary, please construct three paragraphs. The first on your agreement or disagreement over gender as a cultural construct separate from biology. No readings have to be cited here. Next you need to describe using two readings how gender is constructed (or isn’t if you decided that gender isn’t a cultural construct). The next paragraph should describe how science and constructions of masculinity are related using citations from two readings. The final paragraph can be short but should include a statement of your argument and supporting evidence.

To meet participation requirements, you must post at least three messages for the week. One of your posts should be your own answer to the question/prompt. The other two should be responses (one well written paragraph) to your colleagues. Try and – respectfully and constructively – expand, engage, or debate their posts. Don’t just say “I agree with Sally Jones” or anything like that.The goal is to develop a dialog about the discussion topics in a lively and collaborative manner. To ensure best participation, check in to the forum every day. Be sure to include an informative subject field for each posting that clearly relates to your main point in order to support the process.


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