Answer to the following questions:
All answers should be in bullet point format. MINIMUM required answer is 1 – 3 bullet points per question.

A) Case Study Questions: Lincoln Electric Venturing Abroad

How was Lincoln Electric able to grow and prosper for so long in a difficult, commodity industry that forced out giants such as General Electric, Westinghouse and BOC?
What are the barriers to the Lincoln Electric Incentive System (i.e. If it has been such a successful system, why hasn’t everyone copied it)?
What would the ideal incentive systems be for a plant in Indonesia?
What are the challenges to making such an incentive system successful in Indonesia?
B) Case Study Questions: Performance Pay at Safelite Auto Glass (A)

Does the PPP plan solve the productivity problems Safelite is having?
Are Safelite installers good candidates for piece-rate pay? Why or why not?
What are the likely consequences of switching from wage pay to piece rates for:
Product Quality

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