You are the General Manager of a 500-room hotel.  This hotel also has kitchen, restaurant and meeting rooms. 

Answer the following two questions:

1. What are the ten most important information and communication technologies (systems) you should have to operate effectively and efficiently?  Why?

Hint:  Think about all of the technologies (systems) we have discussed in this course and all of the term projects.

2. What are the key considerations in selecting and implementing these technologies (systems)?

Hint: Think about costs, service delivery, operational issues, staffing and training, management needs, and so on.


Grading will be based on the following rubric.
Single space with proper margins.
At least five references are required (APA style preferred), which should not be included in word count.
Please save your file in MS Word or PDF format. Canvas will accept files only in doc, docx, and pdf format.

Important note:

Your write up will be reviewed by Turnitin. Without properly citing and referencing the materials used, you may get a high Turnitin Similarity Index, i.e. above 20%.  In such a case, you should review your paper and make sure you do not violate University’s policy on plagiarism.

Here are a few technologies we have discussed in this course;

VOIP phone system, PMS, AR/VR applications, Beacon technology, Inventory control system, Robot for hotel, kiosk/self-serve, Video projection technology, POS, RFID for Event management, Automated refreshment center, i.e., hotel mini bar, Chatbots or conversation system, Energy management…etc


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