Analyze the article you have read, addressing the following requirements in 3 well-developed paragraphs double-spaced:

In paragraph 1: Identify the author, title, and publication information for your article. Identify the article’s audience and purpose. Summarize the main points in the article in your own words.

In paragraph 2: Discuss what the author does to develop or support these main points. For example, personal experience, statistics, interviews, facts, and emotions are just a few of many different strategies authors use to support main ideas.

In paragraph 3: Analyze the effectiveness of the article. Identify one to two specific qualities of the article you read that you find to be effective. For example, an author may use statistics to effectively appeal to a professional audience. Or, an author may use a conversational tone to appeal to a novice audience.

Your submission should:

Be at least 3 well-developed paragraphs at least 1 page in length.


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