Short-Answer Essay One (DUE by 11:55 p.m. on Feb 9th)

These short-answer essays are an average of 250 words (each for 5% of your total grade), and are based on the provided lecture notes, readings, and on-line musical examples.

Lecture Essay One
Choose ONE of the following to write on (if needed, your essay may extend beyond the word-count – longer essays however, do not effect grade):

1. Apply Alan P. Merriam’s tripartite research model  to a musical cultural example from Lecture One. Begin from pgs 32-34 (PDF pgs 45-47) of his book, The Anthropology of Music (PDF link above, at top of page).  You may want to read from the start of chapter 2 (pg 17; PDF pg 30), which gives background on the discipline of ethnomusicology, thus informing our study of Music of the World’s Peoples (also view “What Is Ethnomusicology”). Altogether, the model is explained in section II of the chapter, helping us to consider three interdependent factors in the music-making process: “Without concepts about music, behavior cannot occur, and without behavior, music sound cannot be produced.” (33)

2. In your own words, summarize Flolu’s thesis in his article, “Music in Traditional African Cultures: Beneath and Beyond The Utilitarian Factor” (see PDF above, at top of page, and also embedded in lecture One).


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