please answer ONLY THREE of the following questions. As the Syllabus states, ‘the student is expected to research the Internet and library references in addition to the text and videos.’ YAll references need to be properly documented. Please cite all research used (APA or MLA format). You do NOT need to cite our text or the power points. Please use quotation marks if you are referencing the text. Type your responses in a Microsoft Word document. This document (all three answers combined) must be a minimum of 300 words. Please be selective in your examples- quality counts more than quantity.

1. Describe the ways in which stratification/social mobility influence a person’s life chances. Please include a personal example if you would like.

2. What dominant group determines who are minority groups in our culture? How are prejudice, discrimination and racism visible in our culture and in our society? Share a personal example where you have experienced or witnessed prejudice, discrimination or racism and how it affected you. In the unlikely instance that you do not have a personal example, you may use an example from one of the videos.

3. Describe the process of gender socialization and how we are influenced by gender expectations. What are the costs of gender conformity for men and women? Please give examples to support your answers.

4. From a sociological perspective, explain whether sexual orientation and sexual identity are social, biological or both.


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