So what might our final projects look like? What might they sound like? We’ve seen apps like MOMAR that highjack a gallery and tell a different story of Jackson Pollock via AR. We’ve also experimented with Re-photography to compare images from the past with the reality of the present-day Tenderloin. And we’ve begun experimenting with how AR video can add on to a poster or to a rendering of the CCA of the future. But we haven’t really gotten yet into how you can extend the story told in an exhibit to the real world via AR. Below are three storytelling projects that use mobile media to tell stories in real world spaces.

Janet Cardiff’s mobile video project in the Alter Bahnhof:

The Mp3 Experiment #15:

Chicago 00: The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre:

For this assignment you should watch these video excerpts from the projects and analyze what production and narrative techniques they are using.

To complete the assignment, DOWNLOAD and FILL OUT this spreadsheet:


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