For our last project, you will write a 2-3 page reflection on what you have learned and experienced in this course.  Some possible questions to address in your essay:
    •    How has my definition of critical thinking developed or changed?
    •    What new critical thinking concepts and methods have I absorbed?
    •    What specific ideas, issues, and concepts did I find fascinating?
    •    What questions and issues from the class do I wish to explore further?
    •    What have I learned about the writing process?
    •    How will I apply lessons and concepts from the course in future studies and in life?
These questions are starting points.  Do not write in a Question-Answer format, but rather integrate your thoughts into a coherent essay with an introduction, body and conclusion.  You will, of course, use “I” in the writing, but you should still back up ideas with specific examples.  The voice of the writing may be informal, but you still must write carefully.
Please remember that this is a reflection about you, not a review of the course.


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