* Please make it simple and free of plagiarism
1. Hatuey film

2. Yanga film


1. Respond to the basic questions for the assignment.
2. Written Assignment should be 2 pages in length.
3. The paper must be typed, double-spaced, and 12 font size.
4. Citations: If you need to cite the readings, follow the author, date, and page system within the paper. For example, (Chasteen 2000, 3), (Garcia 2001, 10)
5. Paper should have a title page separate from the text of the paper and bibliography page ( separate from the text) at the end of the paper. Use the Chicago Style, instructions in Canvas.
6. There should be no hand written notes/information on the paper. Neatness of the paper will be graded.
7. Any form of plagiarism will not be allowed. Since students many times work in groups, it is very easy for students to forget that this is an individual assignment.


1. What do we learn about the nature of ethnicities through the short videos on Hatuey and Yanga as part of the Latin American experience?

2. What do you learn about the conquest of the Americas and the role of indigenous and African origin peoples in Latin America?

3. In your opinion, how does this experience shape the nature of Latin American identity?


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