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For this week’s Art Interpretation, we have a slight variation.  Rather than my selecting specific images for everyone to look at, I have directed you to a website that provides background on artists associated with “Feminist Art.”  The term invokes not merely a particular political outlook during the 1970s, alhthough presumptively, individuals associated with this movement likely shared those views, but rather a specific style of incorporating political sentiment into the art itself.  As always, you can find the link for This Week’s Art at the bottom of the reading list on the Week 4 Roadmap. 
When you click through to the web page at The Art Story: Modern Art Insight you will find a page that contains background information, with links to some topical issues and profiles of individual artists.  Be sure to  read the summary and background information for their curated introduction to Feminist Art.  This includes the three links in the box (“Feminist Art Beginnings and Development,” “Feminist Art Concepts,” and “Feminist Art Later Developments and Legacy”).  Information discussed there may appear on the quiz.  It is not necessary for you to view every image at this website or to learn about every single artist profiled here.  Do take the time to sift through several profiles or galleries of images (sift = not a deep reading).  Ultimately, select two images you wish to comment on.  To make it easier for us to follow your post, please download/paste or copy/paste the images you are writing about into your post. 

After you identify two pieces you wish to comment on, you may either respond to one of the prompts below or simply do your own thing.

Remember this post needs to be only between 150-300 words.  Posts are due on Thursdays at Noon. 

PROMPT 1:  Focus your comments on a single work of art.  What aesthetic qualities does the work possess that enable it to capture and hold the viewer’s attention?  How does the piece appear to stake out a position in some cultural dispute?  What did it make you feel when you looked at it?  What did it make you think about when you looked at it?


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