Please answer the discussion and respond to the same discussion question as if someone else wrote it.

Discussion Question- 1.1 What is Learning?

What is your understanding of how learning takes place? What influences human learning? What are the three things you hope to learn in this course? Please remember to respond to one classmate for each discussion post.

DQ 1 is due every Wednesday of every course week and DQ 2 is due every Friday of every course week (Course weeks start every Monday)
-A minimum of 250 words 
-A minimum of two scholarly sources (including the course textbook)
-Apply APA stylistic conventions (In-text citations and reference list provided at the end of the DQ )
-Do not upload Word documents. Please write directly into the text box.
-Each DQ post is worth 5 points 
-Each required participation (responding to a classmate’s or instructor’s post) post is worth 5 points. You are encouraged to post more than one participation post, however, additional points are not rewarded for exceeding the requirement of one participation post.

– All initial posts MUST be labeled “Initial Post” at the end of the response. Failing to do so will result in a one-point grade reduction for that initial DQ post.

-Weekly Participation- Please respond to one of your classmates’ initial DQ or participation post or to the instructor’s post with at least one substantive response. Participation post should have a minimum of 100 words.

DQ posts are graded separately from participation posts. However, you will receive an aggregate grade for both the DQ and participation posts in the grade book. For example, if you complete your initial DQ post but do not complete the participation post, then you will receive 5 points instead of 10. All in all, you should have 4 posts each course week (2 for DQ one and 2 for DQ two).

Note: Substantive participation consist of qualitative and quantitative responses to your classmates and or the instructor in the main forum. Just stating “I agree” or any variation of that statement does not add quality to our learning experiences, this is not considered substantive participation. All participation post is required to have a minimum of 100 words, which consist of psychology or course content. Examples would be suggesting new ideas or ways to think about the topic, offering constructive critiques, asking for clarification while adding further information and sharing personal experiences within appropriate boundaries. Lastly, partial credit is not given for participation posts that do not meet ALL of the requirements listed above. All participation post MUST be labeled “Participation Post” at the end of the response. Failing to do so will result in a one-point grade reduction for that participation post.


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