Best Case-Worst Case Scenario pdf files


1. Respond to the basic questions for the assignment.

4. Written assignment should be 2 pages in length.

5. The paper must be typed double-spaced and 12 font size.

6. Cite the readings and/or class notes: You should follow the author, date, and page system within the paper,  for example, (Chasteen 2000, 3), (Garcia 2001, 10). Provide a bibliography at the end of the paper ( use the Chicago Style, instructions in Canvas).

7. Include a title page, with your name, class number, and quarter and a separate page with a bibliography.

8. There should be no hand written notes/information on the paper. Neatness of the paper will be graded.

9. Any form of plagiarism will not be allowed.


The demographic growth of the Latino population in the United States has accelerated an anti-immigrant hysteria throughout the country. The following chapters propose the need for a re-consideration of the problem facing the United States. You are being asked to read carefully the two chapters: the Worst Case and Best Case scenarios.

A. First Question: What is the main thesis (the central idea guiding the discussion) of the Worst Case scenario? Explain and provide information from the article in your paper. Support your response.

B. Second Question: What is the main thesis of the Best Case scenario? Identify two central ideas in the Best Case scenario. Explain and provide information from the article in your paper. Support your response.

C. Is the Best Case scenario presented in the readings and the solutions a realistic appraisal of the current situation of the Latino community? Provide examples if you think the author has a strong case, if you do not agree with the author, provide examples to support your opinion.

D. Final Question: In the video on demographics and the Latina/o population, what are some of the most important issues highlighted on the US experience of this community? Discuss each one and explain the significance on the contemporary Latina/o community. Make reference to the video to support your list of issues on the Latina/o community.

video on demographics;


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