The Project idea needs to connect to the curriculum in multiple ways. Can you please review the ASL to make sure it is in connection with the Project idea. Please let me know if you don’t understand.

Complete the Academic Service Learning (ASL) Component: Integration and Transformation for your prosed ASL Project Proposal using A Model for Planning and Implementing Academic Service Learning Template.

The key to making service learning work is to encourage students to come up with their own project idea—or find one that they truly support—and to connect that project to the curriculum in multiple ways. You will develop a high quality, high impact, well managed MOCK Project Proposal. Elements of an effective MOCK ASL Project Proposal include the following:
Involves meaningful service
Develops problem solving skills
Applies skills learned
Requires cooperation
Includes Reflection
You will NOT be implementing the Project, hence the word MOCK. If you have read all related materials but still have questions about the ASL Project Proposal, please use this forum to ask. Thank you.


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