Your goal is to convince the person you are writing to that a change (your change) needs to take place related to your issue or concern.

Address letter to a Congressional Representative.

Note: You can’t write about the same issue or concern they must be three different issues or concerns

Local (5%) – Required
Address letter to a local county commissioner , town council member, mayor, school board, health department, etc
State (5%) – Required
Address letter to a Florida state legislative member
Federal (5%) – Required
Address letter to a member of Congress (Senator or House Congressional Member)
International (5% Extra Credit)
Address the letter to an international health organization, executive director, board, etc.
Note: This extra credit assignment must also be on totally different concern or issue then what you have written about above.

Grading Rubric and Directions for implementation Letters:

All letters should be a max of two pages long and done in a formal letter format with proper salutations and signature.
Addressed to the correct person: 10%
Clear choice and succinct explanation of health policy issue: 25%
Clear statement of your position/view on the issue chosen: 20%
Directive statement of what you want the person/organization to do: 25%
Directive closing statement, salutations, contact information and follow-up: 20%


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