Consider the case scenario below, then complete the assignment following the instructions underneath the scenario.
Case Scenario
Johnny is a 15-year old boy who is demonstrating oppositional behavior in school. He skips class, gets into physical altercations, and is rude and disrespectful to adults.
Johnny enjoys music and is talented in drawing/art. He also has a knack for automotive skills. He used to attend a local church youth group once a week but no longer participates.
Johnny’s parents recently divorced. He is close to his older brother but he’s away at college. Johnny has a few good friends from school.

In a 1-page paper, written using proper spelling/grammar, address the following:
Choose Theory system used in Human Services and describe how it could be applied to assist Johnny. Explain why you felt that theory would work well in this situation.

Develop 2 measurable goals that you would present to Johnny and his parent(s). Explain how they could be used to help document Johnny’s improvement.

Include APA citations for any resources you used as reference


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