Begin with a brief synopsis of the author’s main point(s), followed by critical analysis that sets forth your thinking in relation to the reading. What are the key issues? What is your response to the piece? What evidence (from the article or from your own experiential learning, outside reading, etc.) can you cite to support your claims?  Be sure to argue your own point of view and present it with appropriate logic, argument, analysis, evidence and organization.

–    Articulate and discuss the central ideas and concepts presented in the readings.
•    Reflect on, analyze, and discuss the complexities of diversity and difference as encountered in the reading.
•    Critically analyze the notion that identity is constructed, not intrinsic, and discuss the ramifications of this notion in terms of the reading, one’s own life, and the social hierarchies that shape our world.

The reading:  “Drawing the Color Line,” from A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn.


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