*Please make it simple and free of plagiarism

2. Be ready to discuss the material in class (written assignment is required as proof of preparation for class discussion.  Bring your paper to class and be prepared to discuss the readings.

3. Respond to the basic questions for the assignment.

4. Written assignment should be 2 pages in length.

5. The paper must be typed double-spaced and 12 font size.

6. Cite the readings and/or class notes: You should follow the author, date, and page system within the paper,  for example, (Chasteen 2000, 3), (Garcia 2001, 10). Provide a bibliography at the end of the paper ( use the Chicago Style, instructions in Canvas).

7. Include a title page, with your name, class number, and quarter and a separate page with a bibliography.

8. There should be no hand written notes/information on the paper. Neatness of the paper will be graded.

9. Any form of plagiarism will not be allowed.

Chasteen, Chapter 8-9

1. What did the Mexican Revolution offered as a model of political and economic development? What did the leadership of the post Mexican Revolution propose as a model of economic development? How is the Mexican Revolution different from the Cuban Revolution?  Provide examples from the lectures and readings.

Chasteen, Chapter 9

2. Why is the Cuban Revolution an important model in the Latin American region? What did the leadership of the Cuban Revolution proposed as a model of economic development? How did the revolution impact countries in Latin America? Provide examples from the readings.

Chasteen, Chapter 10

3. Compare and contrast the revolutionary movements in Nicaragua and Cuba. How were the two movements similar and different socially, politically, and economically? Who were the leaders and organizations involved in the movements?

Chasteen, Chapter 11

4. What is neoliberalism? How have people in Latin America responded to the impact of neoliberalism? Provide specific policies associated with neo liberalism, use your class notes and readings.


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