General Instruction: Instead of trying to discuss each reading in depth, you should find a way to tie them together and make fresh analytic points about what they offer as a set. Imagine, perhaps, that you are posting this commentary weekly on your own website or blog. It should have a unique voice, convey your critical analysis, and be interesting to read. Not sure what to focus on? Investigate a key term, analyze a sentence you consider important, ask a series of clarifying questions, voice your opinions on a topic (with supporting evidence from the text!), make theoretical connections among the readings…in short, write 250 words that thoughtfully engage with the material in some way.

**I encourage you to use direct quotes from the text in your 250-word response. Specify page numbers when you do.
_______________________________________________________________________________READING: ATTACHED (Robery Desjarlais’ Counterplay) (Excerpt)


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