Research topic: How Does Culture Influence Business Ethics? (Research/discuss global relationships and business ethics and how religion enlightens ethical business practices around the world)
-Minimum of 8 sources required
The Annotated Bibliography must be in current APA format, and a 100-word description for each source (of the reference itself and its contribution to the paper) must be included.
•    The annotated bibliography consists of 8–10 quality references (primarily peer-reviewed, scholarly journals or theoretical texts in addition to the textbook and the Bible
•    The annotated bibliography describes the journal or text and includes how the resource will be used in the Research Paper
•    For each source, the annotation demonstrates the value of the source in informing the research question(s)
** see detailed grading rubric attached, I have also attached research paper instruction to give an idea about what the final paper will need to include to aid in finding sources to meet those requirements as well


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