Please analyze a failed negotiation you have engaged in in the past. It can be from your work or your personal life (for example, negotiating with a partner over whose family to visit for the holidays).  You should choose a story so that you can apply class material to. In essence, you should tell a short, but complete story about a past negotiation and analyze how it could have gone better, using the material from the class. This assignment should be no longer than 1 page single spaces in 12-point font.  Please include the following components in your analysis:

Do not use the example.

Background on me so you have some information to go off of:
– served in the US Navy for over a decade
– from the Bay Area in California
– I now work for a building automations company
– engaged, not married
– one child from previous marriage
– go to many sporting events such as football and baseball games for the local teams (San Francisco Giants and San Francisco 49ers)

If you have an idea and need more information from me please do not hesitate to asked. This has to be a realistic situation


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