Choose an alternative representation of a racially marked female body (in a medium of your choice: film, photography, or any other visual art, TV series, MTV, etc). You do not need to focus on a black female body; rather you are encouraged to look for other examples of racially marked female bodies (such as Asian, Hispanic, Middle-East etc). Write an article of how and why the image chosen offers an alternative representation of the female body. Here are some questions that you might consider while writing your paper:
a)    Who is the artist/writer/producer and what is the context in which the image is represented? Does it matter if the artist /writer/producer is a female or a male? Does his or her race matter?
b)  In what ways does the image represent offer an alternative representation? (Is the woman empowered? Does she take control of her sexuality? Is she allowed to have an identity, to be a subject, rather than an object?)
c)    How are relations of class, power, and agency portrayed?
d)  Is that representation in dialogue with a historical, cultural memory, which it tries to open up and reclaim differently?
– The essay should include references to at least five academic sources
– Number your pages consecutively
– In-text citation; APA style
– Use the ‘first person’ when writing
– Academic level: University; A+


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