Remember you have to use one scholarly source other than ones in this instruction

Write a short position paper on the issues surrounding underage drinking in college. Your position should be supported by at least one scholarly source, other than the ones on this page. Resources are provided below. When you have done your research and formed your position.

Some of the questions you might ask to get started are:

– Should colleges and universities be dry? Would it be possible for GWU to be a dry campus? Is it realistic?
– If a college or university is not dry, what can be done to prevent binge drinking?
– Since parents may not have taught their children to “drink responsibly”, should colleges or universities take over that role? If so, how?
– Would lowering the legal drinking age to 18 help prevent binge drinking?
– If a student refuses treatment for alcohol addiction and repeatedly engages in binge drinking, should they be expelled from the college or university, even if they are maintaining acceptable academic standards?

Below are some additional resources you may find useful in developing your perspective. Remember that you must use one scholarly source to support your position.


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