Choose one work/writer/literary phenomenon (literary movements, and or literary schools, images, styles, characters, themes, etc.) that we have read and discussed about in this class. For your paper, you need to offer sophisticated observations and critiques of the works, the writer, and /or both.  As this is a formal paper, you need to have a coherent main argument (thesis statement) supported by detailed and specific evidence from the texts (the works and discussions by scholars in the field), throughout the paper.  Anything that is not supportive or relevant should be thrown away. 
Take a stand on how the works should best be understood, and/or how the phenomenon is significant for understanding the Modern and Contemporary Literature and or culture. Here are some possible topics:
1.    Analyze one particular writer and his/her ways of dealing certain issues and themes.
2.    Comparing two or more writers and their different and/or similar ways of dealing with the same themes and or issues (imageries, characters, etc.).
3.    Analyze the gender construction in many works of different times and compare/critique the different qualities of men and women
4.    Analyze one literary movement or school and discuss its development in different time period and its significance to Modern and or Contemporary Chinese literature (romanticism, regionalism, modernism, etc.).

Please note, though this question is fairly open, it is important that you take a stand and have a point that you want to make, that you give arguments to support you point, and that the evidence you give supports those arguments.  I will be asking you to submit your thesis statement and a brief outline of what you intend to say a week before the paper is due to help make sure that you are headed in the right direction.

Grading Criteria
1.    Length:    The paper should be at least 4 pages long (1000 words, double spaces).
2.    Thesis:    The thesis is clearly stated, focused, takes a stand, and is pertinent to the stated question.
3.    Content:     The information presented is pertinent to the stated topic of this essay, accurate and demonstrates a strong grasp of relevant readings and class discussions.
4.    Organization:    Information is logically arranged and appropriate transitions are used to connect ideas.  Paragraphs are well developed, include topic sentences, and stay on topic.
5.    Arguments:    Arguments clearly support the thesis.
6.    Evidence:    Arguments are supported with evidence from course readings and outside sources as necessary. 
7.    Concise:    Arguments and evidence are presented as concisely as possible.  Only information that is needed to support the arguments and thesis is included.
8.    Mechanics:    Essay is free from errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling. The paper is double-spaced with 1” margins and 12-point font.
9.    Resource Citation: 
•    Be sure to cite any resources which you quote or from which you draw ideas. 
•    Please use the MLA Style.  For more details see the links below
•    If you use online resources, be sure that they come from reputable sources


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