answer questions and table in attached document
rubric and chapter notes attached
Chapter 3:
1.    SWOT analysis is a technique to analyze the internal and external environments of a firm. What are its advantages and disadvantages?
2.    What are the advantages and disadvantages of conducting a financial ratio analysis of a firm?
3.    Summarize the concept of the balanced scorecard. What are its main advantages?

Chapter 4:
Pfizer, a leading health care firm with $52 billion in revenues, is often rated as one of Fortune’s “Most Admired Firms.” It is also considered an excellent place to work and has generated high return to shareholders. Clearly, Pfizer values its human capital. Using the Internet and/or library resources, identify some of the actions/strategies Pfizer has taken to attract, develop, and retain human capital. What are their implications? (Fill in the table at bottom of the page.)– see attached


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